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4M Bison Farm, LLC
N5697 Skunk Hollow Road
Ripon, WI 54971

Phone: 920-748-3320

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4M Bison Farm is a third generation farm. We are located in Green Lake County.

We rotational graze our bison on grasses and do not feed grains. We do not use growth hormones and butcher our animals between 24 and 30 months of age. All of the bison products we sell are 100% bison.

1997 we started our journey of raising the wonderful bison.

We are starting our 20th year raising the fantastic animals. We do 2 Farmer's Market, Portage and the Appleton Downtown Market.

We have also added Facebook to our info. Search under Marian Mildebrandt, or 4M Bison Farm.

If you plan on coming to either of the Farmer's Markets we participate, please check the event section to see if we have had to cancel. We try not to, but things can come up and if we have enough heads up, we will put it on the events page of FACEBOOK.

Also check FACEBOOK for the Wisconsin Bison Producers Association page. Keep up on what is going on.

We sell the bison meat from the farm also. Please give a call to make sure we have what type of meat you are looking for and that we are home.

Wisconsin Bison Producers Association  •  info@wibison.com

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