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  • The American Bison population, being only 375,000, doesn’t meet the supply and demand for meat sales and breeding stock.

  • Bison products such as head mounts, skulls, hides and bones are marketable items.

  • Bison meat is lower in calories, fat and cholesterol than beef, turkey or chicken.

  • Bison market potential is high with little to no export compared to chicken or pork.

  • Bison are self sufficient, not needing to be milked or grained, with little or no veterinarian care, handling or calving problems.

  • Bison being raised on 1.5 acres per head are well fed, happy bison and therefore won’t stress the fences like other bovine animals.

  • Bison never overgraze, eating 1/3 less food compared to other bovine animals.

  • Bison don’t require high quality forage compared to other bovine animals.

  • Bison can survive wind chills of minus 100 degrees Fahrenheit without shelter or near constant feeding that cattle require.

  • Bison are majestic, intelligent, challenging and curious.

  • Bison are North America’s oldest and largest living land animal.

This page is displayed with the permission of Rocky Ridge Bison Farm, Elroy, WI.

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